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Why Oil & Gas?

Why is oil important? The United States consumed seven and a half billion barrels of oil and nearly thirty-one trillion cubic feet of natural gas in 2019.

These annual numbers equate to over two hundred thirty-six barrels of oil and nine hundred
eighty-three thousand cubic feet of gas per second.

Today, the importance of oil and gas in our country cannot be overstated.

Thankfully, the oil and gas industry has not remained idle while technologies are being further developed for renewable energy.

New reservoir optimization techniques have enhanced petroleum production in both vertical and horizontal wells. Most notably, the increased implementation of technologies such as digitalization, cloud computing, and machine learning are transforming the petroleum industry… allowing for reduced costs, maximized operations and asset performance through real-time data analytics and optimized integration.



Haynesville Shale

East Texas & Western Louisiana

The Haynesville Shale is a prolific, dry, natural gas-bearing play that stretches across east Texas and northwestern Louisiana. This Upper Jurassic age formation was deposited about 150 million years ago in a shallow offshore environment. It was named after the town of Haynesville in Claiborne Parish Louisiana, about 65 miles northwest of Shreveport and just south of the Arkansas border. The Haynesville discovery well was drilled by Chesapeake Energy in Desoto Parish in March 2008. Today, the Haynesville Region is the third largest natural gas producer in the United States, behind only the Appalachian and the Permian basin. As of December 2020, the number of working rigs is up 25% in the Haynesville since July 2019.





Watch our 3D Oil and Gas Animation Demo Reel

Please take a look at our latest technical animation work! You’ll see that our creative team is continuing to push beyond their comfort zone to create that “WOW” experience for every client’s play, tool or oil and gas technology project with our animated graphics. Need to explain enhanced oil recovery, stacked pay or oil investments in unconventional oil?  No problem. Our seasoned technical animator team specialize in process, mechanical and industrial animations.

With new effects and cutting-edge, 3D modeling software, we can go beyond the norm and create that one of a kind technical animation, illustration, or oil and gas graphic animation you’re looking for!  These 3D oil and gas graphics are from many projects we have created up to this point. Look, experience and…

Let us know what we can do for you!

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Welcome to JPG&D

As a leader in oil and gas design, we speak, think and visualize in terms of the oil and gas industry. And, long ago, we set excellence and innovation as our watchwords. We join your team as an industry veteran who can contribute immediately – no learning curve required. Quite often, you only need to define your objectives and send us your project’s raw data. From there, we go to work to set you apart from your peers with accurate and effective oil and gas presentations, animations, websites and multimedia.

I’m as passionate about your success today as I was when I started in this industry in 1979. Let us put it to work on your next oil and gas project!

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Dr. Robert J. Weimer, PhD, PG
Colorado School of Mines – Geology Professor Emeritus

“I enjoyed working with your crew on the CSM project. The results occupy a prominent spot in the lobby of the new Petroleum Engineering Building for all to admire. Thank you for the opportunity.”

Our GEOART Hangs in the Oil and Gas Industry’s Most Hallowed Educational Halls

Over our 25 years, we’ve had the honor and pleasure to work with the best and brightest minds in geology, geophysics, petroleum engineering and oil and gas law education.  Their collaboration on special projects such as this geologic illustration showing from the Denver formation at 64 million years old to the Precambrian at 1.7 billion years old has been key.  Our oil and gas illustrations and oil and gas animations have been incorporated into curriculum and have helped to expand the next generation’s education in the geoscience and technology of the oil and gas industry.

Look for our work at your next campus visit to: Colorado School of Mines, University of Texas, Texas A&M, UT Permian Basin, Texas Tech, LSU, Oklahoma State University and others!

colorado school of mins, well logging, cutaway diagram, technical graphics, industrial graphics, infographic, Niobrara

William Fleckenstein, PhD, PE Colorado School of Mines – Petroleum Engineering Dept., EREP Director of Strategic Relationships and Enterprises

“Many thanks to John Perez for this donation. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a great animation is priceless.”



Some of the things our clients have to say

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John and his team provide spectacular graphics that are useful for portraying concepts to the non-geologists and geologist alike. I have used his graphics to highlight the need for our research projects to our sponsors. Students have looked at the images and said 'oh, now I understand why I need to characterize the geology’.
Dr. Christopher K. Zahm Bureau of Economic Geology - Jackson School of Geosciences - The University of Texas at Austin
John and his team are outstanding. We presented them with a rush litigation animation project involving highly complex geological and engineering facts that had been developed over more than 10 years of litigation. Following a meeting with our team of experts and attorneys, they were able to transform mountains of data into a stunning depiction of gas and water movement…
Richard A. Olmstead Partner, Kutak Rock LLP
Dear Mr. Perez, I would like to take this opportunity to complement you on the many projects that you have delivered to my firm. These projects are of wonderful quality and have been delivered on time, a few times with shorter times than either one of us would prefer. Quite a number of the animations that you have created for…
John P. Hughett, P.E. President - Hughett Engineering Inc.
As the instructor of the Petroleum Technology department at WTC, I have used a wide variety of graphics and animations from John Perez Graphics.  Just recently, I needed illustrations of artificial lift methods for one of our second-year courses, and I was blown away with all the different options that were available.  John provided detailed schematics that directly represent the…
Dana Fahntrapp Petroleum Technology Instructor
John and his team provided us with an amazing product. The graphics are remarkable and effectively convey all the geological/production messages we had in mind at the beginning of the project. Communication was excellent and final edits/additions were promptly implemented. Due to severely depressed oil prices, the team completed 15+ hours of final edits at no cost to us. Thank you again…
Marco Martines Geological Lead - Exploitation of Occidental of Oman
- I have been using your firm's graphics and animations in the oil and gas law classes I teach at LSU, and they have been a big help. Many of my students have no oil and gas industry background, and some of them have never taken a geology course. In one of my classes, we recently were discussing a legal…
Keith B. Hall Director of Mineral Law Institute, Campanile Charities Professor of Energy Law
I started working for Venado Oil & Gas as the Director of Administration and one of my first tasks at hand was the development of the company website. My knowledge of website design and working in the oil and gas industry made this task very challenging. The decision to contract John Perez graphics to design the website was absolutely the…
Paul R. Janacek Venado Oil & Gas, LLC
I teach the oil-and-gas law courses at Texas Tech School of Law, and it is the rule rather than the exception that my students start my courses with little or no familiarity with the oil-and-gas business. In fact, more often than not, they know a lot that isn’t so! To be able to effectively teach the law on a subject…
William R. Keffer Janet Scivally and David Copeland Endowed Professor of Energy Law, Director of Energy Law Programs, Assistant Director of Bar Preparation Resources, Texas Tech University School of Law
I have admired the work of John Perez Graphics for many years and finally had an opportunity to utilize their services in creating a presentation.  I was asked to give a presentation at a large conference and wanted to deliver a “wow” presentation to a non-oil and gas audience.  The presentation needed to explain some of the complexities of our industry…
Jay Still CEO & President - Guidon Energy
John, You and your Team did a remarkable job – You guys and Gwen and Her Team have turned out the most impressive Annual Report EVER !! Thanks and we look forward to working with your Team again next year……
David M. Demshur Chairman of the Board & CEO - Core Laboratories