Oil Field Map

Oil Field Map

We have a long history of creating many different types of oil and gas maps with expertise in both domestic and international areas. We know the essential elements of a quality oil field map and, as important, what does not belong. It takes art, science and decades of experience to create the simplistic beauty of a well made map.

Guatemala Map

Every oil and gas project needs a crucial locator map that quickly orients the oil and gas investor.

Africa Globe

Offshore drilling operates on a grand scale. Utilize our beautiful global perspective oil field maps for printed oil and gas brochures or interactive investor presentations.

Louisiana Map

Our interactive and animated oil maps can show processes such as geologic change over time for presentations or trial graphics.

Orient yourself.

We craft locator maps, regional field maps, area of operations maps, production maps, custom maps, and more, combining a broader regional picture with a blown up site-specific map. This technique allows your audience to quickly understand the significance of your location.


Oil and Gas Locator Maps.

A custom location map puts crucial geological features into their geographic context. Our cartographical-quality custom maps make it easy for you to give your project the look—and the edge—it needs


There’s a reason it’s called America.

There were a lot of explorers in the New World. But only one gave it his name: Amerigo Vespucci, the man with a map.

We’re more than high-tech designers and graphic artists; we are trained as cartographers and can give you a map you’ll want to keep—and frame—long after the deal is won. Maps aren’t just another picture in your portfolio.

Maps define the landscape.



Some of the things our clients have to say:

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John and his team provided us with an amazing product. The graphics are remarkable and effectively convey all the geological/production messages we had in mind at the beginning of the project. Communication was excellent and final edits/additions were promptly implemented. Due to severely depressed oil prices, the team completed 15+ hours of final edits at no cost to us. Thank you again…
Marco Martines Geological Lead - Exploitation of Occidental of Oman
- I have been using your firm's graphics and animations in the oil and gas law classes I teach at LSU, and they have been a big help. Many of my students have no oil and gas industry background, and some of them have never taken a geology course. In one of my classes, we recently were discussing a legal…
Keith B. Hall Director of Mineral Law Institute, Campanile Charities Professor of Energy Law
I started working for Venado Oil & Gas as the Director of Administration and one of my first tasks at hand was the development of the company website. My knowledge of website design and working in the oil and gas industry made this task very challenging. The decision to contract John Perez graphics to design the website was absolutely the…
Paul R. Janacek Venado Oil & Gas, LLC
I teach the oil-and-gas law courses at Texas Tech School of Law, and it is the rule rather than the exception that my students start my courses with little or no familiarity with the oil-and-gas business. In fact, more often than not, they know a lot that isn’t so! To be able to effectively teach the law on a subject…
William R. Keffer Janet Scivally and David Copeland Endowed Professor of Energy Law, Director of Energy Law Programs, Assistant Director of Bar Preparation Resources, Texas Tech University School of Law
I have admired the work of John Perez Graphics for many years and finally had an opportunity to utilize their services in creating a presentation.  I was asked to give a presentation at a large conference and wanted to deliver a “wow” presentation to a non-oil and gas audience.  The presentation needed to explain some of the complexities of our industry…
Jay Still CEO & President - Guidon Energy
John, You and your Team did a remarkable job – You guys and Gwen and Her Team have turned out the most impressive Annual Report EVER !! Thanks and we look forward to working with your Team again next year……
David M. Demshur Chairman of the Board & CEO - Core Laboratories
John once again provided us with some beautiful graphics which will be very useful in illustrating some of our plays in West Texas. We have imposed some tight deadlines for him, and he has always delivered.
Michael White Geological Team Lead - OXY
I enjoyed working with your crew on the CSM project. The results occupy a prominent spot in the lobby of the new Petroleum Engineering Building for all to admire. Thank you for the opportunity.
Robert J. Weimer Geology Professor Emeritus, Colorado School of Mines
- The illustration looks OUTSTANDING! I don't foresee the need for any changes at this point, at all. The project was initiated on December 9th with a drop dead completion date of February 6th. Although the project grew in scope, your team still delivered on time! Again, thanks to you and your team. You made my geologic visions a reality, and…
Brian W. Wilhite Geological Research & Strategic Planning, Woolsey Energy
- Thanks so much. This has been a good project. Please pass on my gratitude to all the staff that worked on this - as you probably know, they are a talented bunch!!!
Tim Rasmussen MDU Resources Group, Inc.