Environmental Graphics

Environmental Graphics

Our environmental graphic cutaway diagrams are extremely useful to convey proposed or planned operations to community groups, government agencies, landowners and business partners. Environmental graphics can be used when obtaining the necessary regulatory clearances, and environmental permits and assessments.

Reclamation Graphics

We can also illustrate reclamation activities that return areas affected during exploration and development to a condition that allows continued productive use of the land.

Strip Mining Graphics

Strip mining is when materials are removed along a strip or in a series of parallel deep trenches referred to as furrows. The process starts with the removal of waster material, or overburden above the desired resource followed by the removal of the exposed mineral.

Open Pit Mining Graphics

Open pit mining is the most common type of surface mining and is exactly what the name implies: a big hole or burrow in the ground. Sometimes referred to as a quarry, this method is typically used to mine gravel, sand, rock or other material of interest.