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- John Perez Graphics and Design was a great turnkey solution to full fill our needs of logo design, website design and print collateral. The team at John Perez Graphics was able to take an idea that we had and turn it into a design that was a perfect fit for us.

Derek Dehoyos
DSD Energy Resources, LLC

- NRI would like to thank your team for developing a great animation video based on the ideas that we expressed from our first meeting. The entire work experience has been timely and professional. The overall result of your team's ability to capture our ideas and make them come to life has been a very rewarding experience. We look forward to working with your group of designers in the future and would recommend your services to our colleagues.

Ryan Schwarz
NRI Innovative Composite Solutions
VP Sales & Marketing

- Dear John, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how I feel about your company and their performance. Please use the following as a testimonial to my complete satisfaction with the performance of you and your team: "As a startup in the midstream sector of the oil and gas industry, we were in need of a logo to establish our company's brand and knew the designer couldn't just be anybody. I was aware of John Perez Graphics and Design and knew they specialized in oil and gas. I couldn't be happier with the logo that they designed for my company. I was given several ideas to choose from and collaborated with them to combine parts of a couple of ideas to get the final look. The staff was very helpful and completed the job in a timely manner, even after I made minor last minute changes. I would highly recommend them for logo design if you are involved in oil and gas."

James A. Davis
Falcon Midstream Services, LLC

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- John Perez Graphics & Design was able to interpret an idea I had for a logo for many years and implement it. I just handed it out on business cards at a conference and received numerous compliments. They worked hard to understand my ideas and translate them into a professional and curative logo that illustrated the fundamental business of Integrated Geophysical Interpretation, Inc.

Nancy House
Integrated Geophysical Interpretation, Inc. LLC

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- I have been using your firm's graphics and animations in the oil and gas law classes I teach at LSU, and they have been a big help. Many of my students have no oil and gas industry background, and some of them have never taken a geology course. In one of my classes, we recently were discussing a legal dispute that involved a water flood operation. Most of the students had never heard of a water flood operation and several had never heard of secondary recovery. I used your animation to show the students how such an operation works. The animation helped the students understand and visualize the water operation, and after that they were able to understand the case better. I would like to thank John Perez Graphics & Design for the generous donation of the oil fieled education animations to our school.

Keith B. Hall
Campanile Charities Professor of Energy Law
Director of Mineral Law Institute

- You'll like this John - I showed the presentation a couple weeks ago at a UBS conference in London. We were up last at the end of the day - when I finished, their AV guy came up to the podium from the back of the room to help me unplug my laptop - he said to me "I sat through presentation after presentation all day long and yours was the best - loved all the animation and videos." Waaay better than PowerPoint :)

- The Best part about working with John and his team is the fact that he has hands-on knowledge of the oil and gas industry. This helps immensely when designing a presentation that requires the use of specialized oilfield equipment, instrumentation, or terminology. This means that the time is spent on creating the presentation aimed at your specific audience rather than on trying to explain the concepts to graphic designers. We have been very pleased with John's graphic creativity and his help in creating presentations that enable Core to tell our story.

- Beeeeeautiful!!! Let us show it in London and then let you know if we have any tweaks but it looks perfect.... Great job John - many thanks!! Team Perez RULES!!!

Richard L. Bergmark
Chief Financial Officer/Executive V.P.
Core Laboratories

- We've worked with John Perez Graphics and Design now on two projects- the first time when we initially set up our website, and again this year as we redesigned our site (Providence-Energy.com). In both instances we’ve found John’s team to be incredibly insightful as to design concepts, website layout and overall website presentation. But in addition to their technical abilities, they are also pleasant to work with and very responsive. We look forward to working with John and his team in the future

Mark Allen
Providence Energy, LTD

- We used John Perez Graphics to generate three geographic illustrations, inclusive of a 3D cube and a regional framework cross-section. I can say with confidence that there is no one that does better work in the industry. The level of detail is outstanding and he is a good problem solver with design. I was very satisfied with the products and the owner of the company loved the work.

Chris Douglas
Manti LP

- We are very happy with the website John Perez and his team created for our company.  We requested several modifications outside of the original project scope which were all handled with great professionalism.  The final product looks fantastic and represents our company well.

Curtis A. Colby
VP - Corporate Development
Le Norman Operating, LLC

- John's team did an impressive job on both building our website and the design of our fantastic logo! He is very knowledgeable of the oil and gas industry, has an extremely gifted and talented team that can get professional results...thanks so much for a first-rate product!

Jason Old
Chief Executive Officer
H2OX Operating, LLC

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- The illustration looks OUTSTANDING! I don't foresee the need for any changes at this point, at all. The project was initiated on December 9th with a drop dead completion date of February 6th. Although the project grew in scope, your team still delivered on time! Again, thanks to you and your team. You made my geologic visions a reality, and it looks awesome!

Brian W. Wilhite
Geological Research & Strategic Planning
Woolsey Energy

- Thank you for getting these worked up for us, I am very happy with the final results and LOVE the ones you added with the extra styling!

Matt Green
Global Technical Director
NRI University

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- Thank you again for your teams excellent work on the Seawater Production, LLC logo. We are very pleased!

Melissa Srp
Seawater Production, LLC

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- I would like to thank you for work designing our logo. Even though we weren't exactly sure what we wanted, through your creative process, we ended up with something unique that fully met our expectations. I truly appreciate the great communication through each phase of design.

Micah Banks
Trans Pecos Well Logging, Inc.

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- This was our first experience with John Perez Graphics, and we could not be more pleased. Mr. Perez and his team went above and beyond to provide us with a licensed schematics image needed for a tight deadline. We appreciated the timely updates, verbally and electronically, on the status of our request. Thank you.

Bev Trittin
Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute,
North Dakota State University, Fargo

- Our experience with you and your team has been very positive. You provided excellent quality timely services. Very pleased with the service provided from initial consultation to finished product!

Lisa Marks
Pelican Energy Consultants, LLC

I started working for Venado Oil & Gas as the Director of Administration and one of my first tasks at hand was the development of the company website. My knowledge of website design and working in the oil and gas industry made this task very challenging. The decision to contract John Perez graphics to design the website was absolutely the best choice we could have made for several reasons such as extremely professional staff, experts in all areas of the oil and gas industry and over the top graphic options. I have been getting compliments on this website going on three years.

Paul R. Janacek
Director of Administration
Venado Oil & Gas, LLC

I enjoyed working with your crew on the CSM project. The results occupy a prominent spot in the lobby of the new Petroleum Engineering Building for all to admire. Thank you for the opportunity.

Robert J. Weimer
Geology Professor Emeritus
Colorado School of Mines

- Thanks for your note. I was surprised when I discovered that the site is live. I'm terrifically impressed as are the folks I asked to check it out. It serves as a superb gateway to our world for potential and returning clients. Thank you and everyone else who had a part in it's creation - I could not be more pleased. Thanks again!

- The new logo you designed has received 100% approval from everyone who's seen it i great job! I tell everyone who produced it.

Page Foshee
Penn Pacific

I have been overly impressed with the level of service and attention to detail that John Perez Graphics and Design, LLC has provided to us while working on numerous projects for our company. I always recommend their services to those who simply want the best in oil and gas graphic design. There is no equal to the John Perez Graphics and Design team!

Chase Paschal
Paschal Land and Energy, Inc.

The response we received from the opening video for our conference was overwhelming. The Perez combination of drilling and completion graphics combined with high impact animations and music was beyond what anyone in our audience had ever seen before. Thanks so much for far exceeding our expectations.

E. Russell (Rusty) Braziel
RBN Energy, LLC

John Perez Graphics and Design, Testimonials, San Jun College

- This is the cover we'd like, John. I can't thank you enough for your help. It is wonderful and we are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with you.

Dorothy Nobis
Marketing Public Relations Specialist
San Juan College - School of Energy

John Perez Graphics and Design, Testimonials, Tipro

- TIPRO has had the pleasure of partnering with John Perez and his talented team for more than five years. Each year, they have been the lead designers for our association's membership directory, creating designs that help capture the essence of our organization in images which far exceed our expectations. In addition, John Perez has helped TIPRO with development of marketing materials for awards ceremonies as well as advertisements featured within national publications. We consider ourselves fortunate to have access to a design team that holds such vast knowledge of the oil and gas industry, in addition to their extensive database of images generated by talented photographers and artists, which establishes a heady combination providing endless choices of industry-targeted marketing that sets a standard hard to achieve elsewhere. I can confirm that we have received the final image from your website. Thanks for all your efforts during this project and for meeting our deadline successfully

Joanne Reynolds

- I want to thank you and your staff for working with us in playing a significant role in the pending sale of our South Louisiana Nodosaria prospect. I believe the schematic helped those looking at this prospect "see" our idea much clearer and quicker. I'm sure the technical staffs we were presenting to were able to use it to communicate with their management more effectively as well.

I look forward to the opportunity to work together again in the future.

Chris Burkard
Krescent Energy Company

- Thanks so much. This has been a good project. Please pass on my gratitude to all the staff that worked on this - as you probably know, they are a talented bunch!!!

Tim Rasmussen
MDU Resources Group, Inc.

- Hello John,
I'm glad that the graphic that you did for us turned out so well. We were extremely pleased with the project that you did for us, and I look forward to future opportunities to work together.

Hal Miller
Senior Vice President of Operations
Subsurface Consultants & Associates, LLC.

- Thank you very much for all your hard work on this! It also was a pleasure working with you and John regarding the animations!

Trident Exploration

- As a new company, we wanted to help our website viewers learn about what our company does without having to revert to a lot of text, and since pictures are worth a thousand words, we decided to use graphics to convey our story. We considered doing the graphics work in-house, but fortunately found exactly what we wanted from John Perez's Graphics & Design firm, so it was an easy decision for us to go with the great graphics animations his firm had already created. To our surprise, we found that we were able to not only license the animation files as we expected, but we were also able to work directly with John and his team to get exactly the effects we wanted. It was like working with our own graphics team, except this one wasn't in-house. John and his team were great to work with, they responded very quickly to our needs,, and they provided us with our graphics animations just the way we wanted them to look.

Bill Benz
Enhanced Energy, LLC

- Just wanted you to know that I gave the big presentation in Sante Fe. Not only was weather a ton better than here, but talk went really well. There were eight different talks and an audience of about 350 people. I got lots of comments about the outstanding graphics and so I think we accomplished our goad of showing the techniques that we are implementing into our development, and the results. Again, thanks for the really fine work.

Rob Jacobs
Classic Hydrocarbons

- Hope your week is going well. I just wanted to let you know the graphic was a huge hit in our marketing deck... We also will be using the graphic in our upcoming investor letter - we will make sure the keep the size small and make sure our logo is clearly displayed on it.
Thanks again for all your help and collaboration.

Jeff Krahel

- I have given many technical talks, and have testified in a number of hearings and trials, where the outcome hinges on explaining very technical details to examiners, judges, or juries, and their understanding those details. I have found that graphics, like those generated by John Perez Graphics & Design, can be very helpful in explaining the 3 dimensional situation in the oilfield, both above and below ground. One picture is worth thousands of words. I have lectured on hydraulic fracturing for hours, then I show the audience a video of the process. They say - 'Oh! Now I understand what you are saying!' John and I have worked together on a couple of court cases and, in fact, I have recommended the John Perez Graphics team to provide the geo-technical visuals to use as demonstratives.

Steve Holditch, Ph.D.
Professor at Texas A&M University and Oil & Gas expert witness

WOW!!! These logos are fantastic, you and your team have done an excellent job here. When I first talked with John he told me I would be receiving 3 designs to choose  from, and now I'm staring at 7...you guys sure aren't making it easy for me. To be honest with you I'd take all of them and rotate them out every 1/4 if I could.  I'll get one of them narrowed down and get back with you. Again, fabulous job!

Beau T. Morris
Outlaw Exploration, LLC

I hired John Perez Graphics to redesign the asset map for our company website. I was very impressed with the level of professionalism, quick project turnaround, and the look of our new map. They communicated regularly and were able to incorporate all the changes we needed to make. I highly recommend them for any graphics design needs.

Megan Randall
Office Manager
PSI Midstream

Michelle, I received the final files. Thank you very much! I am very impressed with the quality of work. It has been a pleasure dealing with you.

Simon Raven
Sr. Geologist
Cenovus Energy

I started Twilight Services on May 25, 2005 and shortly after realized that a website was of utmost importance to share knowledge of our products and get name recognition out to potential clients. I chose John Perez graphics based off of their website. They had all of the graphics & artistic talent and experience that we were looking for along with a thorough knowledge of the oil & gas industry. We still work with John Perez graphics today for updates and changes to our fantastic website design. They also designed a company brochure based off the website look that we still use in our current marketing efforts.

Danny Singleton
Twilight Services Incorporated

Fortunately, I was spoiled early on in this business. The first firm I worked for used graphics and artwork developed by John Perez Graphics & Design, LLC... The effectiveness of this imagery helped me paint an accurate picture of the project which, after all, is what this business is all about. I was immediately impressed by the quality and clarity of the artwork and attentive to the client feedback about how easy it was to understand. When starting this firm, there was no question of whom I recommended to use as the oil company's art and graphics resource. John Perez helped us define the image we were looking for and created a series of graphs, maps, diagrams and corporate identity, which immediately set forth the positive first impression we were seeking.

J.C. Allen
Diesel Energy International, LLC

Since starting my company in 1995 I have worked with several graphic design firms and none have been able to produce the caliber of work that John Perez Graphics & Design, LLC.. consistently generates. Their understanding of geological and geophysical data combined with brilliant creativity has shown through in the exceptional marketing materials that they have designed for us time and again. In a business where minutes could mean millions of dollars, it is comforting to know that they have the ability to quickly understand what it takes most people days to grasp.

I am grateful to have a firm like John Perez Graphics & Design, LLC.. to do business with and look forward to a long and productive working relationship.

D. John Henry
John Henry Petroleum

Our company has been using John Perez Graphics & Design, LLC. for the past four years to provide us with our corporate image, graphics, prospect materials and mapping needs. Their knowledge and experience in the oil and gas industry is extensive, we don't have to spend our valuable time explaining details to them. We highly recommend the use of John Perez Graphics & Design, LLC.. for logo design, mapping or presentation graphics to any company in the petroleum industry.

Frank Gabrysch
Premier Minerals, Inc.

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