Products Available For Licensing

In addition to having the ability and resources to create original graphics, animations and web elements to meet your geoscience needs, we also offer a wide variety of products that are available for licensing. Our geoscience graphics are technically accurate illustrations that make industry data easy to understand. We are highly regarded for our dynamic, three-dimensional geoscience graphics that vividly depict geological formations, exploration and production techniques as well as technological applications. Our animations can compress eons of geologic history into a visual that can be comprehended in seconds. They demonstrate how complex processes or equipment work in stunning detail. Our web expertise communicates the dynamics of your story in the geoscience industry with easy to understand graphics and animations that have an impact.

As you browse through our geoscience products, please remember that copyright laws prohibit using our images in any way without prior written approval, including use in any presentations. Any use, including "comping," implies value that is worth compensation. Images within the Portfolio Area are for web browser viewing only. Any unauthorized downloading or duplication of images is prohibited by copyright law. Image use, including comps, must be negotiated with John Perez Graphics & Design, LLC. in advance.

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